Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Slow Guy's heirarchy of Happiness

Inspired by a recent personal crisis and Maslow, I have decided it would be appropriate to catalog the things in life I need to survive/be happy/successful.  This is not a static post and is subject to change!  I suggest you make your own!

Level One:
Gratitude, acceptance and love.
      This includes the feeling (generation of) and expression of the above items.
     Like the stuff of our State and National constitutions.

Level Two:
Friends, family and other loved ones.

Level Three:
Health (physical and mental).
The ability to give and receive graciously.
The love of a good woman.  Sigh....

Level Four:
Money and food (if you don't have it).

Level Five:
Toys for recreation!!  'Nuff said.
A vehicle that runs (mobility = freedom).

Level six:
A good cummunity.

Level Seven:
A good job (unless you have a crappy job, then this gets moved up the scale).

Level Eight:
Money and food (if you have it).

Level Nine:
Good Beer.
A grill.

Level Ten:
A clean house (check mine out if you want proof of how much I value this...)

Level Eleven:  (Yes it goes this high...)

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