Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paleo-Friendly Super-Duper Breakfast Smoothie

Hey all,

Just thought I would share the recipe for a simple breakfast mix.

The ingredients shown are:

1 Banana
Blueberries (buy fresh and freeze them)
Broccoli cuts
Chia seeds
Spinach (or other leafy greens)
Pomegranite juice
Coconut milk
Incredibly, no bacon :(

Directions (I use a Magic Bullet blender):

1.  Peel the banana and break into 1 inch (or so chunks).
2.  Add some blueberries (whatever looks good, I usually add a small handful).
3.  Add your spinach and leafy greens, usually about 6 leaves.
4.  Add some broccoli cuts, just enough to fill the cup.
5.  Add a spoonful of chia seeds. Too much will exponentially increase the viscosity...
6.  Fill the cup halfway with the juice.
7.  Top it off with the coconut milk.
8.  Blend.
9.  Drink quickly and rush out the door 'cause you are late for work.

Substitutions or additions:

Any berries (like raspberries) for the blueberries.
Any tart juice (keep it tart though, it will kill all the spinach/broccolli flavor).
Brussels sprouts; again the tartness of the berries and juice will mask the flavor.
Half an avocado for the banana; this is really tasty.  However, it makes it very thick.

Don't use:

Kiwi fruit; I love kiwi, but something about it gives smoothies a terrible flavor.

Let me know your recipes!



  1. Josh, what does this smoothie look like? Is it "I'ma turn you into the Joker" nuclear waste green? I'm a little afraid of the broccoli and spinach in it, to be honest. And I would also probably add a spoonful of wheat germ in there, personally.

    -- Jeremy --

  2. "I'ma turn you into the Joker" nuclear waste green is actually the best description I've heard, haha.

    But really, you can't taste the greens. I've used very bitter greens before and it doesn't make a difference; the berries mask the taste.

    All I can say, is try it. Use very little greens at first, then work your way up to what you want. The worst that can happen is that you are out some of the ingredients.